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Johanne Marie Johannesdatter

Navn: Kai Myrvang
Postadresse: rk.myrvang@c2i.net
Kommuner_omraader: Østre toten
Bekreftelse: JA
Date: 02.11.09


Hei, har fått en henvendelse fra slekning i Canada som ber om hjelp, tror Johanne Marie Johannesdatter kommer fra Hoelseie i Kolbu, men her stopper mine spor. Smedstuen som er nevnt er under Hjell i Totenvika. Etternavnet er i kirkeboka skrevet Johansdatter Her er utdrag fra mailen jeg har fått. Erling presented me with the Totens Bygdebok IV - and then Kristin found a box of Martin's old pictures. One of them was a picture of a man, the other of his daughter, in San Francisco sometime before 1934 (the year my Bestemor died). Bestemor had given these pictures to my Aunt Helga. Her son, Martin, had given them to Kristin. On the back of the picture of the man, Bestemor Johanne (Your Great Bestemor) wrote that the picture was of her brother who had emigrated to America and became a millionaire in San Francisco - she said he was an entrepreneur (I think you use the same word for a self-made successful person). And now with the Bygdebok I am going to ask for your help. Can you tell me the number of the page where I might be able to trace her family name, to find the name of her brother? On page 396 it says "Johanne Marie Johannesdatter, d 1934, se: Smedstuen U/Hjell" I know it must be Johannes -or- Smedstuen but I don't understand enough Norske to understand what I am looking for. Some time in the future, if I find any useful information, I will write to the Department of Records in San Fran., California, to see if they can give me any information as to who he was, what work or industry he was in. The picture of his daughter was taken in a beautiful garden, she looked to be young (20-30) and was very well dressed.

Sist endret: 19.02.15