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Re: Lars Engebretsen f. ca. 1745 hvor ?

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Date: 20.03.13


manza sier: I'd hire an architect first. They will take in coinaderitson of how the old house, gardens, lawns hardscape are situated on the land and propose options of design that are either totally new or take in coinaderitson of what already exsists. Like using the old foundation of the house, if viable. Make sure you tell the architect if there is a tree or a driveway etc that you want to keep. He'll develop the house plans with these in mind. It's also good to know what kind of style you like. Interview architects and check out previous work to determine if they are of like mind as you, willing to hear your ideas too, or stuck in their own thoughts. Also make sure the design your looking at is functional. Storage, ease of use and optimizing sun, shade, alternative energy, green or view. Good luck. Contractors can be great designers. Artist/builder contractors can come up with some amazing creative options. But again word of mouth and a track record is important here. Oh, its important that the architect, contractor and you are on the same line of thinking. Just as a side note, sometimes contractors or you will see something that just doesn't quite work in the design. You've got to be able to have your say. Happy building.

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