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Type_artikkel: SVAR FRA
Navn: omKYvRYkSEQKpkRkUt
Postadresse: KqgYMseVzDbVEOtbJpb
Kommuner_omraader: XNzWACwTjZDr
Bekreftelse: Cv
Date: 20.03.13


wewally sier: i would go to a school for atccirehts and look for an under graduate student that's doing well in school. He will have a lot of new ideas, will be cheaper and should know how to meet code. His teacher may have to sign off on the design and you would have to pay him a bit but it would be cheaper than an established architect unless you just want a stock plan. Buying one of them and going to a contractor may be cheaper but it is harder to customize

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