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Re: Nikolai Bremseth

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Date: 20.03.13


sugaree sier: that sounds ralely high to me, although it would be hard to tell without actually seeing what is involved in doing the updating. here in indiana, i had a house built in 1924 rewired, re-plumbed, and new hvac installed, and it cost a total of $ 15,000. that was for a 2000 sq. foot home, and involved new wiring from the pole throughout the house, as well as new furnace/central air and all duct work, and plumbing from the meter throughout the house, with a water softener installed. granted it wasn't as large or old as your house, but i can't see how there would be that much of a cost difference. i did do the duct work for the hvac, as i have experience doing that type of work, as well as most of the plumbing work as i have experience in that as well. but it was all done by code and inspected. i think $ 150,000 sounds too high.

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