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Re: Etterkommenere etter Jon Jonsen og Kari Pedersdatter, But...

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Navn: KViliWCiezp
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Date: 20.03.13


useless information sier: pbloarby not 150 g whizzes. Look a Architect draws houses and builds sh.it out of popsicle sticks. Really this should not be anymore than 25 on the low end and 45 on the extremely high end and that is if the guy doing the work shows up in a custom made silk suit from Italy. Just get a bid from a professional and this won't be and issue any longer. Also if the Architect is hiring the guys he is try to make 100,000 from the project. Don't let him draw a wiring diagram or a plumbing diagram because YOU DON'T NEED IT any contractor can tear out the old and put the new back to code. Also Fire your Architect and hire a General Contractor if you need a professional opinion for other projects. Good Luck don't let yourself get taken.

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