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Stokke gard, ca 1801

Navn: John Reindl
Postadresse: 4514 Gregg Road, Madison, WI USA
Kommuner_omraader: Johannes Jensen, f. ca. 1797
Bekreftelse: JA
Date: 20.12.13


Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 2:24 PM 2:24 PM Message starred Question from NHOH lag about Stokke farm people FROM John Reindl TO 1 recipient Show Details From John Reindl To genealogist@totenlag.org Hi ~ I am the genealogist for the Nord Hedmark og Hedmarken Lag and one of our members has an ancestor that appears to be from the Stokke farm in Vardal. However, there are some discrepancies with the church book information, so I wonder if you might help us out. In the 1827 marriage of this Johannes Jensen (Johnson) in Ringsaker, it is listed that he is from Stokke in Vardal, that he is 30 years old and that his father is Jens Dafindson. However, the 1801 census does not show him as a son of Jens Daffinson and the bygdebok by Per Braastad, Slekter på garder i Vardal og Redalen, page 214, shows that Jens Daphinson had only two children, Daphin in 1800 and Berte in 1803. On the other hand, the 1801 census for Stokke nedre has a boy of this name, Johannes Jensen, 2 years old, with the father of Jens Nielsen. We think that this is the correct person, and wonder if you can confirm this or have evidence that this is not the correct person. Takk så mye - De kan skrive på norsk, John john(dot)reindl(at)att(dot)net PS ~ One of volunteer roles is at the Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library in Madison, WI. I am currently indexing all the farms in the 1941 Vardal Bygdebok by T. Lauvdal. I should be done by next week. Would you like a copy of this index when it is finished?

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