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Stokke gard, ca 1801

Type_artikkel: SVAR FRA
Navn: Geir Thorud
Postadresse: Skjetten
Kommuner_omraader: Vardal, Ringsaker
Bekreftelse: ja
Date: 05.01.14


John, One posibility could be that Johannes's age in 1827 was too high and that he could have been baptised in Ringsaker, but I can't find any batismal records for that. Note that the marriage record says StokkeEIE (husmannsplass) not just Stokke. Jens Daphinsen was user of a farm, not a husmann as was Jens Nielsen. Johannes was a miller, and so was Jens Nilsen in 1801. I have seen other millers in the area where the miller skills are kept in the family. Just an indication though. Johannes Jensen and Eli Eriksdatter baptise a son Jens in June 1828 while at Præstquern in Ringsaker. One of the faddere is Nils Jensen Stokkeeie - most likely a son of Jens Nilsen cf 1801, Brother of Johannes. Although it can not be documented, I tend to agree With your conclution. But, one might ask why the user of another Stokke farm with a not too common name is recorded as the father - hm, interesting - did the minister assume Jens Stokke was a Daffinsen? About the Vardal bygdebok index, there is already one here http://slektshistorielaget.no/kilder/gjovik/databaser2/BygdebokVardal/index.html It can be found under Diverse/Misc for Gjøvik. But, it might be that it is not complete - I can compare it to yours. geir punktum thorud krøllalfa getmail punktum no

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