See below for a very small Norwegian-English dictionary with some of the words occurring on our pages.

A good page on Norwegian-US emigration and "Norwegian genealogy for Americans"  is http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~norway/index.html

You will find more complete dictionaries here:  http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~norway/dictionaries.html and here


Alle kollonner = 'all columns' i.e. search in all columns in the table.

Biri = parish in Gjøvik
Bosted = residence
Brud = bride
Brudgom = bridegroom 

Diverse = various
Døde = dead (plural)
Døpte = baptized (plural)

Etternavn = surname

Født = born (date)
Far = father
Farsnavn = Surname based on fathers given name, used as surname in most cases until approx 1900
Folketelling =  census
Fornavn = given name

Gifte = married persons

Kirkebøker = church records
Kirkegårder = cemetery (records)
Konfirmerte = 'confirmed' (confirmation)

Matrikkel = 'land tax records' 
Mor= mother

Nullstill = reset

Skifter = probates
Snertingdal = sub parish in Gjøvik
Slektsnavn = family name
Slektslister = 'list of family members' (not a primary source)

Utvandring = emigration

Viede = married (persons)
Vardal = parish in Gjøvik