Emigration to America from Gjøvik

In 1981 the the History society for Gjøvik published a book entitled "Utvandringen til Amerika", or in Englih " The emigration to America" by Halvard Oudenstad and Per Braastad. 

The book lists some 7500 persons that emigrated during the years 1846-1915 from the area constituting Gjøvik municipality today. This area includes Biri, Snertingdal, Redalen, Vardal and Gjøvik city. For most persons, the book gives information about name, emigration date, year of birth, place/farm that the person emigrated from, family, parents, ship or line and destination. In some cases there is information about the persons life in America.

Bjørn Alund has writen a register of the persons in the book. We have put these registers into three databases depending on the area where the person emigrated from:

Biri and Snertingdal,    Vardal  and Gjøvik City

These databases have an English user interface.

Pages containing correction to the book are here and here

If you discover errors or has supplemental information, please write a note on our Emigrant information page.

The book may be purchased from: 

Eiktunet Kulturhistoriske Museum
Øverbyv. 108
N-2825 Gjøvik

The price is Norwegian Kroner  225,- (approx US$ 50-55) pluss postage. 

Contact the museum on fax: +47   61 17 06 46 for details.

99% of the text in the book is in Norwegian.

ISBN 82-90323-03-4     599 pages