Map from 1854 showing the areaaround the lake Mj°sa, and parts of Land and Hadeland.    

The map has been split in 12,parts, slightly overlapping. Please click in one of the pinksquares on the map below to show the corresponding detailed map from 1954. The squares are not accurate.

Most "main" farms areshown on the detailed map. Some farm names are difficult to read, and often an old spelling is used (see the 1801 and 1865 census). Other map services may also be useful in locating a farm:
 Mapof  Oppland OtherCounty maps (Thanks to Michael Landmark)
 NorgesglassetGeoweb Churchparishes in Norway

We are sorry that we can notanswer request to find farms on the maps.

Below, the areas separated by black borders are municipals (kommuner). Sub-areas in municipals arerendered in green - some of them may be slightly out of position.

Arial photos of all of Norway: Norge i Bilder